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Employing best practices demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and high-quality code development.

Using Python best practices enhances code quality, readability, maintainability, and overall developer productivity. By following these guidelines, you can produce more robust, efficient, and reliable Python code that meets industry standards and supports long-term project success.

Master the art of Python coding conventions with our comprehensive workshop. This meticulously crafted document serves as your guide to understanding the coding conventions that shape the Python codebase within the standard library of the main Python distribution.

Drawing inspiration from Guido van Rossum's original Python Style Guide essay and incorporating insights from Barry Warsaw's style guide, this course offers a deep dive into the principles that define clean, consistent, and efficient Python programming practices.

As you explore this course, you'll not only learn the coding conventions that govern Python's standard library but also gain valuable insights into the significance of adhering to these conventions. You'll discover the rationale behind each guideline, uncover the origins of Python's coding style, and understand how these principles contribute to code readability, maintainability, and collaborative development.

We'll also delve into the realm of Docstring Conventions with a dedicated focus on PEP 257, empowering you to create well-documented, expressive code that resonates with the Python community's best practices.

The evolution of this style guide mirrors the dynamic nature of the Python language itself. As the language continues to evolve, our course ensures you stay abreast of the latest coding conventions and practices, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in Python development.

While this course provides a comprehensive foundation in Python coding conventions, we acknowledge that various projects may have their own specific style guidelines. We recognize the importance of flexibility and provide you with the tools to navigate conflicting conventions, allowing you to seamlessly adapt and contribute to different Python projects.

Join us on this enriching journey as we navigate the intricacies of Python coding conventions, empower you to create elegant, readable code, and foster a deep appreciation for the principles that underpin Python's programming ethos.

What to expect

Led by expert instructors, our dynamic 3-hour live-online workshop offers real-time coding immersion. Dive into practical exercises and examples, experiencing live interaction as our skilled instructor guides you, reviews code, and corrects errors. Enhance your journey with comprehensive workshop materials, including notes and videos, solidifying your newfound skills. Elevate your coding prowess in this immersive experience, where theory meets practice and expert guidance fuels your success.


Prior requirements for this course encompass either the completion of the Python Intensive course or a solid comprehension of Python's inherent data types, such as list and dictionary.



I loved Art! He’s super patient and answers all questions! I recommend this class for all python beginners!! I had no knowledge of python prior to this class

Audrey T.

Art is very thorough, helpful and able to break down content in a way it is easily digestible by those in attendance.

Maximilian K.

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