Artificial Intelligence Intensive

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8 sessions
3 hours each
24 Hrs total
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November 5th - December 5th

8 sessions 3 hours each

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Immerse yourself in a truly hands-on experience that sets us apart from the rest.

Dive deep into immersive experience as we put the skills acquired in the Machine Learning Intensive to practical use, working on real-life projects that encompass crafting an Intelligent AI Chatbot, text generation using AI, and generating captivating AI-driven images.

In this comprehensive AI course, you'll unlock the power of deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, vital tools for crafting and training neural networks. Uncover the inner workings of neural network architectures, from feedforward networks to advanced structures like convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), and transformers. Hone your expertise as you construct, train, and optimize these networks for a myriad of tasks.

Venture into the fascinating domain of Natural Language Processing (NLP), where you'll master techniques encompassing text preprocessing, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, text generation, and language translation. Utilize invaluable libraries like NLTK to bring your NLP projects to life.

Dive deep into the world of reinforcement learning, where you'll grasp the fundamentals of agents learning through trial and error. Unearth algorithms such as Q-learning, policy gradients, and delve into the realm of deep reinforcement learning.

By the end of this course, you'll emerge equipped with a profound understanding of AI's core elements, ready to take on real-world challenges and create transformative solutions. Enroll now and unleash the potential of AI in your journey of discovery and innovation!

Craft an impressive portfolio that reflects your prowess in AI. Walk away from this course with tangible proof of your capabilities, poised to make an impactful mark on the professional world.

What to expect

This is an online live instructor-led course, Machine Learning Intensive, which spans eight intensive night sessions or four immersive day sessions, totaling 24 hours of immersive learning. Experience real-time interaction as the instructor addresses your questions and, if necessary, offers code review and error correction. Benefit from comprehensive course notes and training videos to reinforce your understanding of the material. Access the original recordings of the live online sessions for your convenience. Additionally, enhance your skills with carefully curated exercises for extra practice. Even after the course, our dedicated instructor offers continued support via Slack, readily assisting with any questions or clarifications you may need.


The prerequisites for this course include completion of the Python Data Science Intensive course or a strong proficiency in the NumPy and Pandas libraries. You should also have a clear understanding of the distinctions between one-dimensional and two-dimensional objects, as well as a grasp of the behavior of Python's built-in data types like tuples and dictionaries. Additionally, a working knowledge of Matplotlib is expected.


  1. 1

    Session One

    Embarking upon this course, we delve into the realm of TensorFlow—an open-source machine learning framework meticulously crafted by Google. It ushers in a versatile and expansive ecosystem replete with tools, libraries, and resources, all tailored to empower the development and deployment of machine learning models, with a special emphasis on deep learning models.

  2. 2

    Session Two

    Venturing into an expedition into Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, we will delve into the realm of NLTK to adeptly master its applications. NLTK finds extensive use among researchers, developers, and data scientists, catering to a plethora of language-related tasks like sentiment analysis, language modeling, part-of-speech tagging, and text generation.

  3. 3

    Session Three

    Harnessing our expertise in NLTK, we will construct an AI system for Text Generation. NLTK's specialized features and capabilities make it a powerful asset for building Text Generation AI projects. It simplifies the complex process of working with textual data, enhances language modeling, and provides the necessary tools to create coherent and contextually accurate generated text.

  4. 4

    Session Four

    Pressing forward on our AI exploration, we delve deeper into the realms of PyTorch and TensorFlow – indispensable instruments for crafting and training neural networks. This progression unlocks profound insights into neural network architectures, spanning from foundational feedforward networks to cutting-edge structures like convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs), pivotal in propelling the frontiers of AI capabilities.

  5. 5

    Session Five

    Essential skills include proficiency in TensorFlow or PyTorch, grasp of GANs and VAEs for image generation, and expertise in data preprocessing, neural networks, and optimization for crafting realistic AI-generated images.

  6. 6

    Session Six

    Subsequently, our focus shifts to Model Evaluation, encompassing performance metrics assessment and strategies to mitigate overfitting and underfitting risks.

  7. 7

    Session Seven

    In the following two sessions, we will dive into the Capstone Project, a pinnacle undertaking where students apply their acquired skills to tackle an intricate AI challenge.

  8. 8

    Session Eight

    During the eighth session, we will refine our AI projects, delving into practical aspects of designing, implementing, and deploying projects. Additionally, we will explore the transformative impact of AI on industries and decision-making.

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Art Yudin


I loved Art! He’s super patient and answers all questions! I recommend this class for all python beginners!! I had no knowledge of python prior to this class

Audrey T.

Always enjoy taking a class with Art. He is knowledgeable and on top of his game. His class is quick paced but easy to follow... is patient with questions

Ping Feng

I took Introduction to Python and Web Scrapping with Art and the class was great!

Bryndee Carlson

Took Python for Data Science Immersive with Art. Great instructor! Boost my knowledge within very short time frame!

Rahim Yakubjanov

Art is very thorough, helpful and able to break down content in a way it is easily digestible by those in attendance.

Maximilian K.

Art is great. Very generous with time and knowledge and truly helpful. Great if you have no programming knowledge or if you're a more advanced student.

Adriana Rodriguez

Art is super helpful and attentive to every question.

Hasan Hachem

Art teaches Python in a very understandable way.

Ray Shah

Art has a ton of experience in teaching the basics of python to people who have no previous coding experience. The class format is great - we start with lectures and go right into practice problems to use what we just learned. 100% would recommended!

Helen Li

Art does a great job meeting everyone at their level and making sure that everyone feels challenged.

Tibisay Salrno

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