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Python for beginners - Build a foundation for data science and ML

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12 Hrs total
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2 sessions 6 hours each

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Python Practice: From Beginner Basics to Elevating Your Data Science Career!

The primary aim of this course is to equip you with the ability to write code independently. We assure you that, upon completion, you will possess the skills to craft your own programs adeptly, enabling you to apply Python for data science, machine learning, finance, or marketing.

Python for beginners: The Python Intensive course has been meticulously designed for newcomers and those transitioning into programming. Based on years of experience in teaching this course, our curriculum has evolved over time to provide an optimal learning experience, ensuring that participants receive the most effective and up-to-date instruction in mastering Python data analysis techniques and machine learning. Throughout this course, we will explore and master numerous vital concepts frequently asked in Python job interviews, and hone our skills by tackling a variety of common technical interview problems, all geared towards ensuring your success in landing that dream Python job.

Throughout this course, we will explore and master numerous vital concepts frequently asked in Python job interviews, and hone our skills by tackling a variety of common technical interview problems, all geared towards ensuring your success in landing that dream Python job. This course can be regarded as a comprehensive Python certification to bolster your qualifications before applying to Python jobs.

In this course, we will delve into Python's built-in data types and explore their behavior. Understanding how to use data types effectively forms the bedrock of data analysis and machine learning. Data types are a fundamental concept in programming, and their behavior is often not fully grasped by many. To construct fast and efficient models, data scientists must possess a comprehensive knowledge and practical application of all the data structures available in the Python programming language.

Furthermore, we will dive into the utilization of control flow tools in Python, including If-Elif-Else statements and definite loops. As Python is an object-oriented language, we will explore diverse techniques for organizing code through custom functions and classes. This comprehensive approach will empower you to harness the full potential of Python's capabilities for building efficient and structured programs.

Furthermore, as we progress in this Python for Beginners Bootcamp, a comprehensive Python class online, we will explore best practices and emphasize topics that are commonly inquired about during job interviews. This highly practical Python bootcamp covers not just the fundamentals but also advanced techniques employed by seasoned coders, including Python lambda functions, list comprehensions, and Python dictionary comprehensions. Upon completion of the program, you will earn a valuable Python certification, equipping you with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in real-world coding scenarios, no matter if you are planning to use Python for Data Science, Python for Finance, or Python for Data Analysis.

What to expect

Join our dynamic online live instructor-led course, Python Intense, which spans four intensive night sessions or two immersive day sessions, totaling 12 hours of immersive learning. Experience real-time interaction as the instructor addresses your questions and, if necessary, offers code review and error correction. Benefit from comprehensive course notes and training videos to reinforce your understanding of the material. Access the original recordings of the live online sessions for your convenience. Additionally, enhance your skills with carefully curated exercises for extra practice. Even after the course, our dedicated instructor offers continued support via Slack, readily assisting with any questions or clarifications you may need.

Python for beginners

This course is open to complete beginners, encouraging individuals with no prior coding experience to participate. There are no prerequisites or age limitations. Even individuals with some prior Python knowledge can benefit significantly, as we delve deep into the characteristics and behavior of built-in data types. Many self-taught Python users often lack a fundamental understanding of data structures, making this course an invaluable opportunity for all to strengthen their skills.


  1. 1

    Session One

    Python built-in data types (integers, floats, strings, booleans), built-in functions, data type built-in methods, mutability of objects, indexing, and slicing of sequential containers, Python relational operators, and conditional statements (If-Elif-Else). We will learn how to validate data with the isdigit and isalpha Python methods.

  2. 2

    Session Two

    Python built-in data types: lists and tuples, and their mutability and characteristics. Understanding different container types. Working with definite loops in Python. Utilizing various control flow tools available in Python. Creating custom functions for more efficient and reusable code. As part of this course, we will work on job interview questions and solve problems like the FizzBuzz Python.

  3. 3

    Session Three

    The fundamental principles of building robust programs in Python, focusing on correct architecture and efficient code structuring. Best practices and adhere to naming conventions for code clarity and maintainability. While loops in Python to handle iterative processes effectively.

  4. 4

    Session Four

    Python built-in data types, including dictionaries and sets, understanding their mutability and distinct characteristics. Master the art of efficiently iterating through dictionaries and utilizing sets to analyze data effectively. Unlock the potential of dictionaries to count unique values, enabling you to work with data in a structured and insightful manner.

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Art Yudin


I loved Art! He’s super patient and answers all questions! I recommend this class for all python beginners!! I had no knowledge of python prior to this class

Audrey T.

Always enjoy taking a class with Art. He is knowledgeable and on top of his game. His class is quick paced but easy to follow... is patient with questions

Ping Feng

I took Introduction to Python and Web Scrapping with Art and the class was great!

Bryndee Carlson

Took Python for Data Science Immersive with Art. Great instructor! Boost my knowledge within very short time frame!

Rahim Yakubjanov

Art is very thorough, helpful and able to break down content in a way it is easily digestible by those in attendance.

Maximilian K.

Art is great. Very generous with time and knowledge and truly helpful. Great if you have no programming knowledge or if you're a more advanced student.

Adriana Rodriguez

Art is super helpful and attentive to every question.

Hasan Hachem

Art teaches Python in a very understandable way.

Ray Shah

Art has a ton of experience in teaching the basics of python to people who have no previous coding experience. The class format is great - we start with lectures and go right into practice problems to use what we just learned. 100% would recommended!

Helen Li

Art does a great job meeting everyone at their level and making sure that everyone feels challenged.

Tibisay Salrno

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